Candr is a company dedicated to helping businesses and customers better connect.

Brands love their customers. Customers love their brands. And in any relationship communication is critical. Candr's sole purpose is to improve brand/customer communication to the benefit of both.

We now live in a contactless world. Connection is critical. Social distancing has become part of our lives. Face masks, gloves, cashless payments, avoidance of touching things formerly so common to us like menus, bills, service and rate sheets, promotional materials, and the list goes on.

Our Products

Our mobile friendly, contactless suite of products can be used on any device without installing apps. Simple, secure and contactless.

  • candrID

    CandrID enables customers to provide contact details to businesses required to collect it via their mobile devices. Designed to meet the needs of public health agencies to help stop the spread of COVID-19, CandrID enables businesses to meet health and safety requirements.

  • candrMENU

    CandrMENU accesses restaurant menus whether static, through PDFs and web pages, or dynamic, alterable by the venue. No more paper, plastic menus. Candr’s suite of tools creates digital, dynamic menus that facilitate a much more interactive experience.

  • candrFEEDBACK

    CandrFEEDBACK is an upcoming way to receive real-time feedback from your customers on your business, staff, products and services. Immediate, intimate "voice of customer" experiences maintain and enhance the customer/brand connection in this contactless new world.

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Please contact us at signup@candr.com  to start using Candr today.

About Us

Candr is a company dedicated to improving communication between brands and their customers. Simple, fast, secure technology at the touch of your hand brings the voice of the customer to the brand for the mutual benefit of each.

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